Sunday, November 13, 2011

Andrew's Favorites - being robot

Once again, Andrew gets obsessed over something for, um, about two days...
This weekend we have a robot theme :)
AND a favorite movie: 

We also have the movie Robots, but I can't stand Ewan McGregor's voice so it is hidden high up in the closet where a little boy can't reach it ;)

Without further adieu, here's Robot Andrew

Not sure why the sound on the third clip didn't work..maybe I messed something up (i.e. too lazy to fix it, export it, and upload it all over again)
He says wa-tu for Robot. I'm pretty sure he can't roll his "R" and he's dyslexic for putting his "T" in the middle of the word. 
But the kid pulled this out of nowhere and it sure had us cracking up hardcore. 
Wish you all could have your own little Andrew to make us laugh--Thank you, God.