Wednesday, November 9, 2011

roller rink fun

You guys know how much I love to skate, right?
 On Friday night, we went out to our 'home-town' roller skating rink. 
Just us sisters.
My sister's friend is in the town's roller derby team, and invited us over to watch them practice and skate with them--and so on we went. 
 We opted for the clunky, old school skates. 

 Caren and me...looking less than our best for a Friday night -- gasp!
 Our sister Dawna enjoyed skating with us since she's usually with kids her age. She didn't like being pushed though...
Me being the daredevil that I am, brought the camera onto the floor.
Yeah, I'm pretty confident about my skatin' I wasn't afraid of falling.
They thought I was nuts. 
However, it didn't make for very non-blurry pictures and I'm quite embarrassed to put them on here.
I'm focusing on good times though, and I'm sure some of you might not mind the blurriness...although it might be a pitiful photography portfolio for someone trying to impress an audience :( 
Sometimes you just gotta take one for the team.
We had a blast that night. I didn't realize we had just had a girl's night out until we got home, and it just felt good. We hadn't had one just us three since I can't remember?
 Pretty soon the badass roller derby chicks started practicing their moves.
Dawna loves hand and facial gestures...

I remember asking my sister to sling me on a turn, and she did...
And then she totally fell and rolled.
Skating backwards and pretty much laughing my head off, this is what I get for being on Manual Focus!!!
Still--I remember the awesomeness of that turn.
 She still manages to get back up and skate her pretty face off...
Round and round we go, 'til we get blisters on our toes... 
 Then the lights went out and wished my hubs was there to slow-skate to...
 It was so 70's and I wasn't even born in that decade. 
And then we limbo'ed...
ain't she beautimous?
Here's my take on the limbo challenge:
 Speed skate goodness! Wish I could join a team!
 Sister love (check the creeper in the background) after we skated our toes off.

Photo Instagram'ed with the iPad2

Videos from that night: