Wednesday, November 30, 2011

cheap, crappy Christmas books

This entire 2011 year has been nothing short of interesting. Nobody told me how fun kids were, specially when they're your own and they come up with all sorts of pendejaditas....
It's entertaining most of all. You ask yourself where on earth your child got that from or compare which side of the family he inherited it from. This series of 'Andrew's Favorites' is really so that you all can get a glimpse at what a nut my child is. 
So, this is what I bring to you all this week: these horrible, atrocious & cheap books that are specially for Christmas. Only he doesn't just like them at Christmas time. He likes them during Easter, Summer break, and Halloween. 
I guess there's something about Christmas, huh?

Christmas Tree Are Special!, Santa's Workshop, & It's Christmas Morning make the set.
Luckily, it takes about 1 minute to read each one, so we go through them quite quickly. The thing that pains us while reading them are the images. The images of the people with misshapen heads, the horrible shadowing & photoshopping, and well, it's just plain horrible.
But Andrew seems to love them. I don't know why.
And as you can see, they've been loved. A lot.
Here are the things that make me cringe every time we open them up...
Maybe I'm being super critical, I guess it's the artist in me. But holy gee, if this guy can draw this and get published, what's stopping me from illustrating a book!?
ps. Books writte by Nancy Parent and illustrated by Adam Devaney. 
Links to other books by the author: