Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Here at the Witty household, there's always somethin' to do. 
We never get bored and we have fun.

For the past couple of weeks, the temperatures have been bearable, almost heavenly. With gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, 80-90 degree weather, and beautiful cloud coverage, I thought we'd take advantage of this relief that He provided for us this beautiful afternoon. 

'How?' you ask. 
Well Andrew's been exploring the many forms of leg-usage.

Hopping, skipping, dancing, walking, running, awkward jumping--you name it, the boy is exploring!

So I remembered hopscotch. I remembered that when I was a little girl, we used to draw it everywhere we went. And since I hail from Mexico, all we had was cheap white chalk ;) and guess what entertained us?


And we LOVED it.
Andrew, Jonah & I went outside and carried our box full of sidewalk chalk that we enjoy so much.

Let's get to it! 
First, a quick sip of Mommy's water. It's good to stay hydrated!
Then I sketched it out and showed Andrew how to hopscotch.
He pretty  much just looked at me as if I was the biggest weirdo, but couldn't wait to try it.
He didn't get the hang of it at all. But it was hilarious to watch ;)
So come to find out, Jonah enjoys eating chalk. And while on that subject, he also loves to eat crayons.
 Slobbered chalk, like #5.
See? He must have a chalk deficiency.
 Andrew grew tired of hopping and skipping with 1 leg, 2 legs, jump, thingy-majig. He just couldn't quite jump with 1 leg.
I loved watching him hop and Jonah eat chalk and once in a while they would actually draw with the chalks like they are supposed to.
By that time, Andrew came over to me and I managed to snap his pictures.
We are thinking of sending this one to the Abercrombie & Fitch people.

While I was taking pictures, Andrew wanted to see the pictures on my LCD screen. I had the grand idea that maybe he could take some pictures of me.
Us moms are always behind the camera--our useless photographer husbands are no where to be in sight (cause they bring home the dough, you know).
Recently, I read an article from Clickin Moms to sorta influence us behind-the-camera-moms to be more active with kids in the pictures we take. Meaning that in order for our children to remember us for how we were with them, we must be included in the pictures as well.
I mean seriously, if my mom had taken over 2,000 photos of just me at 3 years old, I'd get pretty tired of seeing my face after a while.
So because of this, I totally handed Andrew the cam.
And he LOVED it.

He took about 50 more pictures than the ones I've included...
I didn't include them for the sake of your scrolly button.
You are welcome ;)