Monday, November 14, 2011

custom font envelopes

Just wanted to share with you all what I've been doing on some of my weekends here at the house. 
Now that my school is finished and I'm looking for a job, I might have a few hours to spare during the week.
My grandmother's 80th birthday party isearly next year. My mother and her sisters have decided to throw her a huge party lasting an entire weekend and asked me to come up with the invitations.
My creative self came up with these: 
A local print shop helped me print them and the purple ribbon lovingly coordinated with my design!
 A three-set invitation from a Letter size page. Not bad, huh?
 I had seen several websites where people actually charge to hand-write addresses for invitations. 
INSANE, right?
I didn't realize it was such a big deal--but what's even more surprising is people PAYING others to handwrite their invites!
I did about 35 of them in about 2 1/2 days--off and on. Not bad. 
Every one thought I was nuts for doing all of those by hand when I could have easily set up a template to print them out. But it ended up being therapeutic for me. I enjoyed it.
I loved seeing an envelope finished.
I love the curly ends of the cursive letters.
I loved spending time on each and every one of them and I didn't mess up once! 
I also handwrote each address for my wedding invitations--almost 80 of them. 
They were lovely. 
 I loved our black envelopes. We embossed the design on the top left corner of our envelope as well.
Our entire invitation is below:
Maybe I should set up an etsy shop and provide handwritten invites as a service?
What do all of you think?!