Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Andrew's Artwork

Coming from an artistic background, I always make sure Andrew gets involved with anything artsy. 
My brother, Carl, has just left to minister to the people of Brazil. Manaus to be exact. 
He's learning Portuguese and enjoying his time in the Amazon.
When we couldn't go see him before he left for his 3 month 'mission', I  made sure that we gave him something heartfelt:
I lined Carl's name in green and told Andrew to follow the lines. He did such an amazing job, it really impressed me. For not ever writing letters before, this was a total achievement for the little man. 

Other times, when I'm at my art desk, Andrew begs and begs to sit at the stool and paint with me. 
I always make sure to have watercolors and sketch paper handy--all we have to do is get a little water for the paints. 
He decided to switch mediums too, pencil. 
Yes, I helped him a little bit here--it's easy to get inspired by him.
For some reason this type of paper that I purchased, make the watercolors come out chalky. It was a neat effect but it didn't look anything like this when Andrew was painting it.

Below is the first thing Andrew ever brought home from school: a flower. 
One weekend we decided to get dirty with paints...
I wanted to use butcher paper and paints and spoons to create texture--all he wanted was to not get paint on his hands. 
Needless to say, we created a huge mess and won't be doing that any time soon--BUT we had fun and that's the point.
My little artiste.