Saturday, November 19, 2011

bribes, chips & homemade salsa

This household loves salsa. 
We try to make it at least once a week. Although we run out of chips more often than we care to admit, we don't mind going to the store to get more ;)
I was feeling a bit 'wifey' and 'crafty' one day and decided to bribe Gary's co-workers with some of our salsa. The problem was how to gift chips and salsa?
I remember my mom hand-making goody bags out of fabric for a birthday party once and I instantly thought that it'd be the easiest sewing project I could do. 
I mean, ridiculously easy. So I did it.

Maybe later I'll share my salsa recipe on here too?
The sewing part just took half of my morning--it was that easy
The salsa & chips were a success...oh and I just had to add this to the back:
Couldn't hurt, right?!