Friday, December 19, 2014

a humble little tree - Christmas 2014

our tree has been up for a while now. well, i should clarify and say since the beginning of december. we're not those weird people that put it up before thanksgiving, because come on, we're not that desperate. 
the boys have their own little tree they put up in their room and jonah was so into that tree that he neglected the big tree that we put up in the living room. i kept having to tell him he has to do the big tree first. 
this will be Elena's first Christmas and as usual, she was getting into everything.
my little ham, always knows how to put that smile into gear but never looks at that camera...the boys did so amazing with decorating the tree. i would give them their ornament and they would hang it. they pretty much got bored after 10 minutes and then...
...the crazies showed up. 
brothers being brothers and killing each other in front of the camera. 
elena loves to watch them fight. she only wishes she could join. 
do you know how hard it is to take a picture with a timer of the whole family? without a button for the shutter release? oh my....we've practiced (a lot) throughout the years but this time it was super challenging because, hello!? getting on the floor and have ALL of us looking at the camera is super hard. so, you're welcome for these photos. last year's are here, and pssst, i was 7 months prego. 
gary mentioned that we need a bigger tree. i was like uhhh, no. our little tree is perfect. 
it's bare in spots and fits in our living room just fine. 
although a real one seems really nice for the coming years....we'll see, but for now, this one's perfect. 
i've been collecting ornaments and it's quickly becoming such a fun thing for me. when i made gary's ugly christmas sweater one year, i was able to score some really cute vintage ornaments (you know, those made out of wood and hand-painted?) and a the velvet deer---and let's not forget the felt skulls i received as a gift last year--only me. we have added a few new handmade ornaments this year....super cute, huh? 
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ohhh i love my little, humble tree. what are your favorite ornaments? do you get the kids to help you decorate or are you one of those freaks who has to do it all yourself? yeah....i know your type ;) 
right now, that star is getting on my nerves for not being perfectly straight! 
have a great weekend!
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