Monday, December 22, 2014

christmas buddies

oh my gosh. i love my little family. i love my little tree. i love my camera for letting me capture these moments. {i love you camera!} i am forever grateful and thankful that these two are in my life. they are my everything (along with the other two that are always missing from my viewfinder). 
i love how they love each other. how it's just them two for brief moments. 
i can't wait until she starts bothering him for everything. where he will have to learn to be patient and understanding and more caring towards her. i can't wait to see how he will lose his patience when she mangles his carefully built Lego contraption. or how she will look up at wonder at him and follow his every step. ask to play with him to just be rejected because she's his little sister. 
i can't wait. i can't wait! 
Oh my heart, be still. i know why i was put on this earth--to be these two little people's mom! to enjoy these little moments. to cherish each little child. i am forever thankful. and blessed and fulfilled. 
i think that was deep enough, don't you? have a very merry blessed week!
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