Monday, December 8, 2014

thanksgiving 2014

yikes, only like two and a half week til Christmas and I'm over here still on Thanksgiving! thanksgiving---so so so much to be thankful for! our family, our safe travels, our beautiful healthy kids, delicious food in our tummies, blessed and beautiful days, Jesus' love & forgiveness---the list could go on and on and on...
our holiday this year would be small and simple. usually it's big and simple, but one of my aunts went missing (to another state, hi tia!) so that she could be with her family this thanksgiving. my sisters were quite upset because if she wasn't there, then neither were her sweet potato casseroles or scrumptious bread rolls. you.were.missed.Betsy.
i am not a cooker. baker. in fact, anything in the kitchen. the only thing i rock at are tacos and guac. so doing all those traditional thanksgiving meals? yeah, we might as well just have tacos.
but i do know how to letter. so i lettered fruits for each plate at the table. i originally saw this idea on Fern & Fog's Instagram feed and thought it would be the perfect, minimalist addition to our table.
the boys were old enough this year to help set the table. they had a blast with the knives and forks. 

finally, we were ready to chow down!
even though we were missing homemade rolls, the food was actually reaaaaaally delicious. i don't know what it was, the same cook prepared it as all the previous years--- she must have put in some extra love, right Mom? 
 it was Leo's first time to eat some homemade cranberry sauce....but he didn't enjoy it. 
and let's not forget, Aunt Debbie is one killer pie maker! her whiskey induced apple pie with some burned crust hit the spot. does anyone else like toasty burned food besides me? or am i just really weird....maybe that's why i'm such an awful cook.
besides the delicious food, there was a bit of family drama, games and spending the rest of the day eating thanksgiving leftovers. i tried coaxing my mom into setting up the christmas tree, but we were all too full and too lazy to get out of that food coma.
how was your thanksgiving? i hope you had a great one! have a blessed week!!