Monday, December 9, 2013

putting up our christmas tree

welcome december! i haven't been on here for almost a month, it feels like forever. 
yes, i skipped thanksgiving. 
yes, i'm still pregnant--and tired--every day. 
please forgive me for these non-watermarked, un-edited photos, but i just don't have the energy! 
so without making too much of a fuss for my absence, i will get right along to it. 
we managed to put up the tree the other night. it was quite pleasant actually. it was quiet and we didn't get hot drinks because it was super hot outside. i would have loved to have some eggnog and my christmas station on pandora playing, but the older i get, the more i enjoy silence. 
the husband actually helped set the tree up! the kids did fantastic with decorating the tree, and there was minimal fighting...i only had to do very little ornament rearranging :) 
and with that...there's us. in our pj's, messy hair, and total beach ball body :)
i love decorating our tree as a family, don't y'all?!
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