Tuesday, December 2, 2014

touring Grapevine

well, finally back from Thanksgiving break and ready to post some pictures! i feel exhausted from just trying to keep my photos organized. next up, major printing orders as christmas gifts! 
a few weeks back, my parents met up with us at grapevine, tx to give us a saturday to hang out with a friend of ours. 
grapevine has quickly become somewhat of a tradition spot every year for us. remember Great Wolf Lodge, North Pole Express & ICE? they're here in grapevine, along with other amazing things...
but onto our weekend getaway with this little girl who just loves to take selfies! 
our first stop, on this super overcast and windy day was the Grapevine Vintage Railroad. i loved the setup they had for fall. this depot is right in grapevine's historic downtown with a lot of lovely spots for photo ops. there were several people taking advantage of their christmas card pictures that weekend :) 
i love it when this little boy wants to take photographs. he keeps improving each time. he ended up capturing all of us in frame and just a bit out of focus  -  win win! and look, i'm in a picture! thanks son! 
across the train station, they have a glass blowing shop and railroad cart studio. sweet huh? 
a little ways down, there's a blacksmithing shop where we found the most amazing rod iron sculpture. i SO want one for my home. *drools*
finally, after freezing our bunnies off in the wind, we headed to grapevine's small botanical garden just a couple of miles away. this garden was free admittance, there is a bigger one in town but we weren't looking to spend a lot of time or $ that day, so the free gardens worked just fine for us.
the kids got to run around and swing. i got to take pictures and...
i made a beautiful texas fall leaf montage
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we visited the oldest tree in the world (that's a lie, but the plaque said it was pretty old). saw their cute little raised gardens and saw fig trees and wild squirrels!
we took a ton of sister selfies
we sat on a bench that belonged to people that were taking christmas card photos...it was handmade too.
the boys explored, ran, and whined. 
after our noses turned red and our hands nearly froze, we decided to eat at Mi Dia. a mexican restaurant in the heart of grapevine with amazing reviews. 
and they are well deserved, too! amazing guac. amazing salsa. amazing street tacos. amazing christmas burrito. you should have seen Gary's face after....
and also, amazing art right outside its doors. 
it was a beautiful trip. thanks parents. love you to pieces. 
can't wait to see you again in december, grapevine. <3 p="">

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