Thursday, December 18, 2014

santa came to town

We had a nice surprise at the library the other day, Santa came to see all the kids during our Christmas Party. He read them a story and did Santa-y stuff...
I wasn't too sure how Elena would handle the big jolly fella but after a minor freak out moment, she realized Mommy was there (a total mommy's girl, by the way) and then everything was alright. 
Jonah loved him. He still believes and had that sparkle in his eye as he told Santa all about his Lego Monster truck and Hot Wheels track. Santa listened intently and wanted to know how big he should make his monster truck. 
Then, I snapped their photo, he gave Jonah a tiny candy cane and prepared for the next kid in line....oh to be a kid. 
I was pretty heartbroken that Andrew didn't get his picture taken (he was at school) so when we saw Santa again at Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX, I had to get a photo of him. 
Unfortunately things went by so fast I didn't get Andrew with Santa all by himself. But this will do. 
Maybe next year I'll make sure to do pictures with Old St. Nick a bit more organized.... 
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PS: Did you see the story about the family that has taken over 60 years of pictures with Santa on Incredible!