Saturday, January 12, 2013

the ugliest sweater that won

Hubby announced one week in December that he needed an ugly sweater for work.
I've known about ugly sweater parties. 
I knew of a couple of thrift stores nearby, but I just couldn't choose their tackiness--and considering most were women's sweaters, that made my decision super easy to just make one
from this Men's blue sweater that was only $.99 cents 
to this! 
Christmas decos were just pennies at the thrift store...
And remember my Elf on the Shelf knock-off? Well, he made an appearance.
I emailed hubs at work one day with this picture, just to creep him out.
So here was the final result he wore to work an entire day...
And the elf took the cake! HE WON!!!
Grand Prize? A box of nuts. 
Not kidding. At least they were covered in chocolate. And that's alright with me.