Friday, August 23, 2013

long trip fun stay

My mom, sis and brothers live about 5 hours away from us...while it's hard, it makes our visits much sweeter and meaningful. But you know what? Moomie doesn't care, she puts you to work! After all, there's a lot of work to be done on the farm. 
Mom's got a freezer packed full of vegetables either grown from her garden or donated from other kind people...
and you know what vegetable we got to eat at dinner that night {and the night after, and the night after that}?? you got it! corn. But we eat it the Mexican way. Corn with butter, cream or mayo, some salt, and chili powder which is the best part! elote con chile, crema y mantequilla! freakin' delicious, especially in a vasito. 
The boys beg to be let outside just like the dogs do--every. day. Their love for the trampoline is unreal. 

and that afternoon, the sun just happened to be in the perfect spot to take some sweet pictures of my nephew, Leo. I will post those separately but here are a couple of teasers ;)
the pool was also fun, we layed out and soaked some sun {it was bloody hot} and then cooled down with water and the shade of the massive oak tree in the front yard.
there is never a shortage of animals on Moomie's farm: cats and rats and horses and cows and ducks and chickens and snakes....oh, and dogs. oh and fishes too {inside the fish tank of course!}
this baby got passed around like a ragdoll, many volunteers with open arms and soft touches. he consumed a million ounces while we were there and slept about 400 hours too. the sweetest grunter in the whole world you ever did crying. just grunt. grunt. GRUNT! 
and one afternoon, everyone just. crashed. hardcore. except for me and Andrew {it's weird that I wasn't involved, this pregnancy is completely ignoring my no-nap rule}. the house was so quiet for 2 hours.
some little kid wanted so badly to roast marshmallows. Moomie totally caved and made his wish come true...well, sorta. She got the marshmallows but Tio Carlos and Tio James totally helped with the fire. The most awesome part, duh.
I forced the kids to take a photo with their cousin Leo before we left. Jonah is still confused about why baby Leo is out in the world after he had just gotten used to the idea that he was inside my sister's belly. Andrew was never keen on Jonah as a baby, he hardly ever came near him. So it only made sense that no way in hell was he gonna touch Leo--hence the pillow he rests on and Andrew's lovely face. Jonah was just curious and sweet. I love the way he says baby Leo. We still love you Leo and can't wait for you to play with your cousins! 
sorry that i've been taking a small hiatus from blogging because i've been busy DIY'ing outside in this decent weather. some sprinkles, lots of clouds, some sun, and cooler nights! bring on the low 70's now!!!
can't wait to post those projects here soon!
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