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simple moments is about finding the small things that make up our everyday, things we want to remember and be thankful for. it's the little bits of our lives that might not be remembered when we are gray and old. so we document it, on paper, with a photo, in a journal, through a blog.
alright guys...i've been holding off on posting these because i didn't want my sister to see them, soooo, after finally giving them to her this past weekend, i can finally do it! 
now, these aren't tutorials. but, i did follow basic sewing techniques and online tutorials {thank you internet}.
the post today is a simple moments because really, these simple {sometimes not} were all made out of love and in the spirit of giving. i couldn't be happier to finally be an aunt and hope that my sister loves motherhood as much as i do. 
with my second kid, jonah, i found it really easy to just stuff this in my purse. just stick a wipes package and a couple of diapers and you're set! not to mention that green is lovely! i am in love.
next thing i made were these onesies. inspired by forest animals and Leo's name, i know for sure he'll rock these to the fullest! 
white onesies, simple acrylic paints, clothing pens and a sponge was all it took to make these bad boys! 
next up, is this monster of a blanket that was similar to climbing mt. everest! and Leo better use this til he's 25 because it is huge! i didn't have much trouble building the blanket--just framing it. is that correct terminology? ahh, i'm over it. this blanket was a challenge. all i know is that i was so happy i was done with it. and it looked beautiful when done, so i was extremely pleased with it.
currently, Leo measures smaller than one rectangle on the blanket. it'll be fun to watch his progress as he bulks up and gains inches! 
caren, my sis, made sure to pick out 5 complementing fabrics, as she loves texture and patterns and wanted to keep it neutral. this being my first blanket, i think i did a decent job. i know i won't be doing another one unless someone really wants one as i am a big softie {but i won't be happy about it}. so just keep in mind my well-being.
and of course, as a surprise i decided to make her THIS ruffle crib skirt because duh, Leo's gotta crib in style! since i don't have a crib set up at my place, and sis is hundreds of miles away, i just hoped it fit by the given dimension and looked good. still haven't seen it, but i can't wait to see some pictures of it soon.
and guys, don't attempt this as a simple project. holy peanut butter balls!!! i got so hunched over, i started going crosseyed! it was definitely easy, just very time consuming...but check out the end result--GORGEOUS--and again keeping with the neutral tones. ruffles til death! 
annnnnnd last but not least, the baby shower! if this wouldn't have happened soon, i seriously would have gotten heart broken. originally this was supposed to be a baby shower for only my sister, and not sister + baby. but God had different plans and decided that Leo should be part of this Showerland.
and of course i designed the invites! the theme was secretly kept for months from my sister. she still won't stop thanking me for the amazing event.
if you know me or read this blog, you know i'm a diy-er. big-time. everything at the shower was either made or assembled by me + my younger sister + mother. we make a sweet team! 
months of pinning ideas, collecting tea cups, little glass "Drink Me" bottles, scouring thrift shops for something that would turn into an Alice-in-Wonderland thing was definitely exciting. i sure am thankful for iPhone/iPad, it definitely made it so easy to communicate between mom about what all we had acquired and put together. 
Leo was such a great sport the entire evening, we had a crowd of lovely ladies join us, much more than we expected actually, so it turned out way better than what i had envisioned. and i love it when that happens!!! these are just a few photos, will post more in coming days ;) 
the 'Alice' of the Showerland was decked out in her card lovely.
i did all this for you sister. because i love you. i know we have our differences but that part will never change. 
now, to rest and get ready for my baby in February! 
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