Saturday, August 31, 2013

family weekend

reality: massive amounts of foods and family confession: i pigged out hardcore. 
we visited my in-laws for a family reunion this past weekend and we had a blast! my only regret was that it was too short and i couldn't enjoy a cold brew with the guys...
the most exciting and romantic part of this whole trip was when hubby asked the magic question:
you wanna go shoot? 
heck yeah i do! 
so i grabbed the .22 and began shooting my little heart out while he was banging away at his .45
...and it was love at first shot
jonah knows where everything is. this little dude drug out everything from the shed, spent the most time outside, and got the messiest #ilovethatboy
my father-in-law is the best. he made specially stacked pancakes for andrew, even though everyone else was eating eggs. he let jonah shoot him with his giant Nerf bazooka. and he also cut me some mesquite discs for an art project i want to get started on. he might not look like a softie....but he is. 
sunsets were pretty rad out there in the country. they always are.
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