Monday, August 26, 2013

aaaand yet another birthday - {photos}

please don't get confused, but Andrew is the oldest. i know it says the opposite on the cake, but that's what happens when you turn it around for the photo!
the boys birthdays are less than a month apart during the summer. i have been doing joint-birthdays for them ever since Jonah was born, so it's only natural that all my relatives ask me, "hey, what are you doing for the boys birthdays?" 
i usually have some sort of a plan, but this year, i was like i don't know! mainly because we all live so far apart. 
so, the same weekend we planned my sister's baby shower, we did a quickie birthday for them! and the boys loved it. moomie spoils them rotten with cake, dr. pepper, gifts and the most fun of it all, a piƱata! the kiddos overdosed on dr. pepper & candy and then built their gifts with their tio Carlos & tio James. 
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