Friday, September 16, 2011

summer rain

For all of you who live in the U.S. and watch the news, you know about how hot n' dry we've been here in good ol' Texas. 
If not, it's been H-O-T, HOT people.
Not an ounce of rain for days. 
Fires everywhere. People losing their homes because of them.
100 degree temperature for like 100 days...not kidding.

And while we all put on our sunblock and wear our Daisy Duke skin-tight shorts when we really shouldn't, it still is frickin' hot, you can't peel off those layers fast enough when you get home. 

A/C's always blowing. In my car--in my house. They have been on every single day since like May. 

The past two days, we've had tons of cloud coverage. At first it was just a tease. NO RAIN. And again, just teasing us, as if it wanted us to get down on our knees and beg...
And while I managed to only get about 5 little, tiny, insignificant sprinkles on my windshield, I was thankful for those. So I just kept praying in my head, for sure knowing that rain was not coming down. 

It's ridiculous how much we thrive and live off of water.

And our house got really dark yesterday afternoon. It was such a surprise to open our back door and hear that lovely sound rain makes when it's coming down. We were in the middle of dinner and we just had to break to go look outside at this sporadic event. 

Our back steps were wet...

We looked up and noticed our backyard birds going wild! Flying in the rain and going in circles and chirping and flying some more! They were happier than we were, it appeared. 

Thanks sky. Thanks clouds.

Now fall and winter, please get here and let it be C-O-L-D. There's nothing worse than wearing shorts on Christmas Day.