Friday, September 9, 2011

JoJo at the GSC

You guys. Like. I'm so. Happy. Joyful. And like. So. In love. With Blogger. Righ now. I can't breathe.

You see, blogger used to have this horrible interface that made blogging such a chore. It was crowded, ugly and plain outdated.

Until today. They've finally updated the look and I have to say, it looks awe.some.

Ahem!!! Continuing on....

Here in town, they have a gymnastics center and I'm sure you remember Andrew's ventures out there a long while back. And I was happy to get an opportunity to take JoJo out there (this time by himself since Andrew is in school).

Foam Pit!
Babies interacting... 
JoJo has only been walking for about 3 months and is still finding his footing on rough floors sometimes. The Gymnastics Sports Center has a very changeable floor which means, a lot of holding on and crawling on all fours for JoJo. 
Jonah had fun. Hope you enjoy!