Monday, September 19, 2011

Supper Time

I want to show you something.

Something extremely beautiful, messy, and exasperating. 

You see, I'm a firm believer in NO HIGHCHAIRS. Why? Because they limit a kid. They limit the kid in exploring and being treated as a person. To me, it's like digressing their growth to be little, adult people. 
{By the way, this made me laugh out loud you should seriously click the link:}

T'was pretty funny wasn't it? 
Anyway, so every night come supper time, each boy gets a plate with food.

Andrew gets a fork and Jonah gets a spoon for easy scooping.

Even though both kids eat with their hands most of the time for the sake of ease, they attempt to eat with utensils. 

And most of the time, Jonah is the only one that is messy and Andrew does pretty good.
{Note: Jonah is the MESSIEST frickin' kid on the planet, I just feel that you need to know that to sympathize and have pity for me for having to clean him up. EVERY. SINGLE. MEAL}
Andrew even goes as far as putting his plate in the sink without being told!

But tonight seemed to be special for them. Somehow both boys decided to...well....see for yourself...

 I keep the broom, dustpan & a trapo (rag) nearby...
 They were proud of their 'food art'
 Andrew loves slurping noodles...
So you can guess what happens immediately after these shenanigans....
That's right--BATH TIME. 
Get them fishies out of the water.
Brush them teeth.
Read three books.
Get sippy cups & blankie.
Say Goodnight.
Give them besos.

If ya already didn't know, we're a pretty goofy family. 
I mean, we breakdance to LMFAO, come on now!
So when I bought some discounted son became a pretty darn good photographer: 
And Gary took this one of our budding photographer:
{{That's an inflatable sword. It's awesome}}

This is how the New Witty's roll....

How does your family roll? Would love for you to share your pictures with us!