Saturday, June 29, 2013

sick weekly wrap-up

This past weekend, my sis in law invites me to go swimming. I say nope. Why? Cause someone had a funky eye thing going on. One eye became very red and developed an abrasion...but no itchiness or whines came from the 4 yr old. So we Mexicans do home-remedies first...which means chamomile tea to the rescue!  
Then, the second little boy tells me his ear hurts. Oh great. Also had a mild case of eye redness.
But both of them loathed to lay down and have their eyes covered. Twice they took naps while I had their chamomile rag over their eyes. I even put some chamomile drops in Jo's ears. I researched and researched and I couldn't tell if the boy had pink eye or not....all I knew was that it wasn't going away the 2nd day of chamomile treatment. I am NOT one to join the circus of doctors solely because they over-prescribe you crap you don't need. But alas, there really was no mention of home remedies for pink eye. Please tell me I am misinformed! Both kiddos were behaving normal and I know that's one of the reasons why I didn't panic.
Still, I broke down the third day and paid a lotta money {since we don't have insurance} to see a doctor we've never visited before {we are new to the area}. The boys had a love/hate relationship with the nurses/doctors. And so, we found out we had pink eye {Andrew}, and ear infectionS {Jonah}. As we walk out, they hand me a list of other clinics in the area that are cheaper. Thanks. You see why I hate doctors and their employees?  
It is nice to say they are both back to normal so I am glad to have no more sickness in the house.
Blowing & eating bubbles, beautiful sunsets, sleepy heads, walks around the Greenbelt Trails, and parks!
A new book at the library completely caught my eye and headed straight to walmart to get needed ingredients!
And last but not least...this below.
When I first read it HERE, it was like a "duh!" moment. I felt like I should have known this, like this is what I needed to hear. I've been so out of touch with God lately that it feels like something has been missing. 
Like there's a black spot I can't wipe clean. And what this verse is saying, is so right. I can't do it alone. I cannot live my life without His grace, His love, and His forgiveness most of all. And it is when I am at my lowest (like I have been for the past few weeks), that He shows me His power. How much He is still there just waiting for me to beg for a Jesus comeback into my life. How good it is to have Him fill me up again. Anyone recommend any good devotionals that I can do on my computer? I neeeeeed it. 

Have a great weekend guys!
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