Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm gonna start exercising...

pssshtt, yeah right.

The other day, I walked into Goodwill expecting to not find anything that I really needed and browsed through used and dirty things organized into neat rows and bins.

In other words, organized {shitless} shit. Pardon my French.
Anyone else feel like you have to wash you hands after shopping there? Yeah, here to. 

I am always on the lookout for rollerblades.
I remember as a girl owning a pair when we moved to the good ol' U.S. and my sister and I loved them. Now thinking about it, I don't think she's touched a pair since we were that age and neither have I.

Sure I've gone to the rollerskating rink and wore the old fashioned, roller-derby style skates but they just aren't the same. These in-line skates are wicked fast.
When I came upon what seemed a pot full of gold in the rollerblade department at Goodwill, I saw these babies: 
Insert suprised 'OH' here.
 I LITERALLY jumped up in the most minimal way.
Not only are they girlified, they were in super great condition.
To all who know me really well, I am not the girly type: I don't close my legs when I wear a skirt. I don't "oooh" over jewelry and I certainly don't wear heels...
So I was excited that because 
1. They were women's and 2. Because they fit perfectly; I didn't have to settle on men's gross, over-sized ones!
It was like they were waiting for me to come and buy them!!!

So after browsing what else they had in that nasty used section, I discovered they also had KIDS ROLLERBLADES and I saw the perfect ones for Andrew--Playskool blue & orange adjustable skates.
I said, "This is it! It was totes {short for totally} meant to be!"
After some debating on whether or not I would use them and wondering how much they would cost, I laid them onto the counter and asked the nice lady how much they were {no pricetag anywhere!}

I was prepared for the worst and she excitedly said, "Oh, they're $2.99!". I'm like, "No really, how much?"
I busted out of there with a grand total of $6 for two pairs of awesome skates.

When I got home, I could hardly contain my excitement and showed Andrew's pair to him. He amazed me by putting his skates as soon as I showed them to him--like he knew what they were and what they did.
The kid's a genius. He loved them and skated all around our house. He kept asking me when we could go skate outside...
The very next day, I made sure of a family outing. OH YEAH, we totally 'bladed...

I hardly put videos on the blog, so this is a rare treat into our little Witty world. 
Andrew loves this place. Once he knew where we had come, he decided running was preferable.
And Jonah kept crying and chasing me around. I finally picked him up and did a few rounds without falling!
And I encouraged Gary to try the skates on. He quickly found out ummm NO they don't fit. 
It got to thinking that he desperately needs his own pair--he told me he never rollerbladed before {just skates} and I said "what?!!!"
So I went back to good ol' Goodwill and got a pair for him. 
I also got another pair for grown Andrew.
Yep, I'm thinking ahead. 
I'm pretty sure he'll enjoy skating on his own once he gets the hang of it.

So for a grand total of $12, I've invested in Sunday afternoons family time.
...and I couldn't be more pleased.