Sunday, September 11, 2016

glitter + flowers on a purple cast

I think some of you may had seen that Elena had a broken arm a few months back. It happened on our swing in our back yard. Specifically, within minutes of this picture being taken:
In her princess gown, on the swing. I turned around after pushing her and minutes later, she was walking towards the house, had a frown on her face and her arm was bent the wrong way. 
My baby had a broken arm. 
My usual happy-as-can-be princess had a couple of tears streaming down her face. 
I quickly called Gary and we headed to the ER. 
After a billion questions from a billion people, we finally got her arm xrayed and bandaged. We were told to wait a few days before getting a hard cast on because of the swelling. 
The first few days she was doped up with Tylenol, constantly trying to keep the sling in place, and everything she did with her left hand, she now had to adjust. She was not a happy person, can you blame her? 
It's ok. She got better at adjusting. She remained calm & carried on -- in her heels & pigtails of course.
A few days later, we went to see the bone doctor. He was so very kind and quick. He had to re-break the bone again once the cast went on so that they could set it straight. I didn't want to "help" because I get queasy if I'm up close and personal. Soon after he set the bone, I had to come in and just hold her because her cry made my heart hurt. I hate when my kids are hurt, don't you? 
The video is right here, if you want to click on it. It'll make your heart break.
She chose purple cast tape (like Princess Sofia) and we were off on our merry way!
And next, we did the most logical thing: paint the darn thing! Glitter & flowers everywhere. 
She managed well with every day things like brother's practices, playground playing, running, etc......except riding a tricycle. That was hard. But at least she looked cute! 
After 4 weeks, the cast needed to come off. And man, that was terrifying! In the end though, we were all so glad that thing was no longer needed. She was healthy & free!
THAT video is here. It is also heartbreaking. The day after, we were able to go on our Disney vacation without a cast. Woo! 
All in all, it was quite an experience & I'm glad it's over. SO GLAD. 
She's the second little Witty to break an arm...Her daddy broke his arm twice when he was little (his shoulder as a grown man) and her Moomie broke her arm when she was 6. 
Is this a right of passage to growing up? Some say yes...It really doesn't matter. What matters is that she gets back to being her spunky little self and that we love on her as much as we can. 
And fingers crossed that this is her only broken bone.

I hope you have a great weekend! But tell me your horror stories, I want to hear them!
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