Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Sweet 16 Breakfast

Hello guys! I am here to bring to you the amazing Sweet 16 that we made for Dawna (my lil' sis) last year. That's right. I never got around to writing this post up, but don't fret- it's here now (rejoice!)
Anyways, with her 17th birthday approaching, I really can't call her little anymore. She's a good 5 inches taller than me, is way more well behaved than I ever was, and she's a great cookie baker.
To introduce this quaint breakfast party, we have to start with the host: Mother, obviously. She cooked up everything. She planned it. She gathered everything together. My other sister, Caren & I did the rest. From everything being hung from the beautiful & lovely oaks to the placemats & floral arrangements. It all came together in a lovely manner. 
My mother definitely wanted it to be 'Pinterest perfect' and it was. 
My mother borrowed a few props & whatnots to put this party together. The placemats were thrifted and I hand wrote all the placecards on our handmade paper. 

I absolutely loved working on the table. The floral arrangements came out quite nicely and I am no florist! The flowers came from the local HEB early that morning because on my trip to my parents place, I completely forgot to stop and get the flowers! Luckily they had just the right colors. Aren't they beautiful!? I always love the blush color & some good!

My mother did a phenomenal job on the cuisine. These girls had more than enough to eat a nice & healthy breakfast! 

We blessed the food and the girls got busy eating & laughing while the 'working staff' took pictures, set up some tunes, & did refills. These girls were well taken care of! 

It was time for 'cake' now, but there was no cake. Just coffee cupcakes which were delicious! We sang her happy birthday and showered her with gifts! 

It was a lovely event even if everyone was in their nightwear. And now you're asking how we'll be able to top her birthday again this year, and well....we're not sure if we can. This was a special sweet 16 and we had to celebrate her in a very very special way. 
Dawna, you are a beautiful, caring soul. I wish we could be there to celebrate with you again. We love you & wish the best for you! Always keep Him in sight & love Him with all your heart.
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