Thursday, September 1, 2016

summer swimming 2016

The boys had swimming lessons this year for a week. These guys LOVED it. It was a first and they did really well. One of those days, I took my big camera to capture some of the moments...
Floating has always been a challenge...and for Jonah, it was a great challenge. He's got those Witty sinking genes. 
While the boys swam, guess who else got to swim? 
 She was a happy fish!
This summer went by super fast and we didn't really do the swimming pool enough. Makes me want a pool in my backyard now...because buckets only do so much! 
What do you think? I remember playing in buckets when I was a kid - no pool either. Regardless, I was so proud of the boys swimming. Now I don't have to worry (too much) over them while in the pool. 

All the love in the world....
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