Monday, April 25, 2011

Shoulder Surgery.

Thursday was the day of shoulder surgery.
On my husband.

Two weeks prior, he had a mountain biking accident.
He was coming down a big rock, pushed on the front wheel brakes, and flew over and landed on his shoulder.
I still remember seeing him through my doorway, holding his shoulder. 
I started to bawl because I had been so mean about him "wrecking" his bike and I didn't even ask how HE was.
Needless to say, we took him to the ER and all they did was put his arm in a sling.

On the 21st of April, he was scheduled to have surgery to put a plate in to correct his ligaments that hold his shoulder together.

So here's my documentary.

Do I sound dorky?
Gary wasn't too excited about me filming him. 

Gary eating me and the camera up.

I've been playing with the settings on my camera--like a wanna-be pro photographer. 
I've been doing manual focus and I have to say that I honestly am in love with it. I just have to get the hang of the rest of the numbers and remembering which number does what and what combo works best. 

Anyway, back to my poor husband who's about to have surgery....

They told him to get on the bed and they'd pick him up in one and half hours.
Why does the hospital do that? Why do they take FOR.EVER. to get anything done there? 
wait. wait. wait.
That's what we did.
So I played with my camera.

...just waiting...

some materials and tools for his IV

oh boy! the nurse finally came!!!

his IV

passing time with Rangers Apprentice...

drip, drip & more drip

my handsome, beautiful husband. 
now you know why my kids are so darn cute.

SO. after waiting almost 4 hours...there he goes...down the hall...I hate how impersonal visiting people at the hospital is.
In movies, you always see the loved ones being there when that person 'wakes' up...well, I kinda wanted this to go like that so I can brush his hair back and smile and him and tell him he's fine and that I love him.
But I couldn't. Some nurse, whom he's never met did that for me {{well, I hope not}} but regardless, they stole my moment.
Why is it that they always steal people's moments?
First babies when they're born.

Here's another reason for me to hate. HATE. hate hospitals and doctors.

But I do thank them for fixing his shoulder.

Here's my big baby after the surgery.
Since he had nothing to drink AND eat since midnight that day, the nurses made sure he got something. 

Honey-maid crackers for lunch and about a dozen refills of that cup filled his hungry tummy right up.

Poor thing, he was so tired. 
All he said was "anesthesia sucks"

Finally, one and a half more hours after the operation we got to go home.
Oh sweet home. Where we belong.

My doped up husband is doing well and is expect to go into physical therapy in less than 6 weeks to get his shoulder 'back'

UPDATE: No physical therapy needed because my husband is a bad ass.