Tuesday, November 25, 2014

weekend getaway: dallas + grapevine

several weekends ago, we had the opportunity to have a date night. it was pretty far away but hey, we pretty much take any opportunity that involves free babysitting. so off to dallas we went. 
after getting our hotel room and getting the kids settled, we headed out the door and wished the grandparents the best. 
our good friend from Cali was in town so we picked him up and headed out. 
our first stop was the Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas. the famous spot where JFK was assassinated. i was told by Gary that we had past the place before but i didn't recall. it was a good opportunity to take some photos and read historic plaques, not to mention capture some pretty sweet shots of the cityscape as the sun went down. 

the famous Sixth Floor Museum was already closed when we arrived. too bad because it would have added an amazing feel to the entire visit. the photo below is looking up at the Texas School Book Depository from where JFK was shot at, "allegedly."

below, is a photo of the building from the spot where JFK was shot at. the window which he was shot at is the the far right, one story down, the only true 'square' window. if you stood a little nearer and looked up, you could see a white paper that hangs to indicate where the sniper would have been located.
and of course, we had to take some selfies. 

just as we were leaving, we heard commotion and turned around. we couldn't believe it! we happened to witness a cadillac, much too similar as Kennedy's, just driving by. it made it feel a bit eerie after that, i was shocked and excited that that had actually happened and that i had captured it on my phone. 
definitely a cool experience.

after we made our hike back to the car, we had the perfect place to chow down at: torchy's. torchy's tacos have never failed me. (thank you bro-in-law for introducing me to them) they were amazing. definitely a place to try if you are a fan of tacos. i love tacos so much i could eat them every. meal. and i am not exaggerating. read my bio on the right--see? 
we really had a great time with some great company. 
after bellies were filled, it was time to go haunted housin'. we have never been in a 'real' haunted house. i did my research about which one to go to for a loooong time. i finally decided on The Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus in Irving. 
i'm a person that likes to suffer to have fun. it sounds terrible, i know. but if it scares me, it's probably my kind of fun. i'm a thriller seeker, i guess? 
give me any kind of roller coaster or the hottest buffalo chicken wings, i'm your girl. 
so naturally, i am going to love creepy clowns and tormenting zombies. 
and then we did it and i'm glad we did, because it was an amazing experience!!! i loved it and i was so glad i wasn't disappointed.
that weekend was anything but boring. we also got a chance to tour downtown grapevine which was super cute and quaint. eat some more delicious tacos and take some beautiful pictures at their botanical gardens. but i'll have to post those pictures when i get the chance after Thanksgiving break.
speaking of which, it's this week! like in two days! like, how is it this year is almost over?
got any amazing plans for this week?
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