Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

We don't usually celebrate Valentine's in this house, mostly because we are not romantics by any means. 

But I had told Gary, that my Valentine for him was to clean out his disgusting car that hasn't been cleaned out or washed in years -not months

Oh, I wish I would have taken a 'before' shot of this car...then you would all just cringe and shiver right along with me. 

{Seriously, I would involuntarily snarl every time I would have to get in the car - no joke.}

So, being the clean-freak and lovin' wife that I am, I took it upon myself to tell him that this was my utmost love gift for him on this holiday. 

He didn't say anything that made him sound excited, and he still thinks that his car was not that bad...

Pah-lease honey....

I present to you, the clean silver pony:

Yeah, it's clean. 
If I would have taken a "before" picture, you would have seen 200 aluminum burrito wrappers, 50,000 Dr. Pepper cans, 100 Dr. Pepper plastic bottles, numerous school papers, and about 743 Reese's Peanut Butter Cup wrappers all over the front seats. 
So, yeah. IT'S CLEAN.


Well, after my hubs got home, he said "get dressed."

Doesn't this remind you of an incident that happened not to long ago where he just chucks a shirt at me right before walking into my surprise baby shower?

No? Well, ok....

But it somewhat felt like that.

We got the boys ready too, loaded up and went towards downtown. I didn't know really where we were headed, just that we were eating.

I think I asked him like 10 times in 30 minutes where we were going. But he didn't budge.

So I was uber-excited when I finally figured it out--

We arrived at Cypress Street Station - YAY!!!

We've always wanted to go there because they brew their own beer.

So when we arrived, they sat us in the room, in the back, we were the only ones there, AND we had two kids. One of which was fast asleep.

Which was fine because I was terrified of being looked at by others in the front part (they looked like snobs).

We were seated and I quickly unpacked my camera and started snapping pictures.

Jonah couldn't stop staring out the doorway where all the commotion was coming from.

And notice how we have Jonah with his favorite blanket in a high-chair! 
YES, a high-chair!

This is Mr. Witty with his sleeping boy.

He slept the ENTIRE dinner.
When we left the restaurant, we were buckling the kids up and Andrew woke up.
Later, Gary and I completely agreed that we were thankful he was asleep the entire time. We enjoyed ourselves a LOT more since we didn't have to keep an eye on Andrew at all times. 
Always have to tell him no, get back here, shhh, sit still, etc.
But he's a little boy! Waddaya expect!?

Our menus

A little somethin' to entertain Jonah


We got some delicious rolls and butter. 

Gary never chooses whole-wheat bread when we go to the grocery shopping - it's always white.
But tonight, he exclaimed "this bread is good!"
And I reminded him that it was whole-wheat...and then gave him a look.
Sometimes he makes no sense!
I'll remind him next time we're out of white, and the only thing left to eat is whole-wheat....

Our "flight" in the background was 4 samples of their home-brewed beers.
I picked Rag's Red Ale (shown in the background on the right) and Gary picked the Pilsner (left)

The waiter recommended we try the Pork Chop with Raspberry Chipotle was so good!

I had the Tuscan Chicken topped with Bruschetta and Provolone and some spicy creamy corn. 
Again, it was delicious.

Jonah just had bread and crackers and cheese. He loved it.

Lipstick stains...

And that's how you eat and hold a baby at the same time.

Mommy and Jonah