Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Parties, Chick-fil-A, and prego update

This post took forever to write! Since I have family who speak spanish, I figured it was about time for me to pay a little attention to their needs...here it goes!

* * * * *

Ian Taylor's 2nd Birthday bash was this past weekend...and it had to be the hottest weekend so far of the year...
Nowadays, I can't even GO outside without instantly having to wipe the sweat off my forehead...so you can imagine how sweaty and uncomfortable I was at 9 months pregnant to be out in the park for 4 hours...
Regardless, the kids had fun.
The cake was yum.
and Ian and Andrew got to fight with each other.
Amigo de Andres, Ian Taylor, cumplio 2 años  y tuvo que caer en el fin de semana mas caluroso de año!!!
En estos dias, no puedo salir afuera sin empaparme de sudor, te puedes imaginar lo tan incomoda que estaba ya con 9 meses de embarazo???
De todos modos, los niños jugaron, se divertieron, el pastel supo rico, y Andres e Ian aprovecharon de unas luchitas.

so nasty and sweaty...
sudoroso y cochino

bouncy house where all the kids piled up on Gary
se amontonaron arriba de Gary

look at that red face!
checate esa carita y cachetes rojos!


We had a free coupon for a spicy sandwich at Chick-fil-A and decided to go and eat out last Tuesday - Kids Night....
a bizzillion kids, tables full, play area full, but the nice cow decided to pose for us!!!
Fuimos a comer a Chick-fil-A y nos encontramos a la vaca!!!

eating some chicken nuggets...
they are so yum.
comiendo pollito - delicioso


In pregnancy news:
Noticias del embarazo:

I'm at 36 1/2 weeks - almost full term. The thought of her arriving shortly makes me nervous. Not because of how awful Andrew's birth was, but because she will be a MAJOR change in our lives. Anybody that knows Andrew, knows he's a handful and if it wasn't for Gary, I think I would have to donate him to my cousin Emily.... ha! for the record, she said I could...
Ya en semana numero 36...y el puro pensamiento de que ya mero llegara, me pone nerviosa. No porque el nacimiento de Andres fue horrible, si no porque nuestras vidas estan a punto de cambiar completamente. Todos que conocen a Andres, saben que es un niño lleno de energia y si no fuera por Gary, creo que lo tendria que regalar.

I've got low iron but I'm not exhausted like I have been...pressure's good, swelling not bad (I can still wear my flip flops!), belly looks good...
Mi hierro esta bajo, pero no estoy cansada como antes, la presion se ve bien, no estoy tan hinchada porque todavia puedo usar mi chanclas, y la panza se me ve bien...

Been taking the Gentle Birth formula which is supposed to help me dilate better and have a faster birth, less painful birth. Hope it works!!! Also taking a  natural supplemental shake every morning, thanks to Mom. It's not bad, just a nasty texture. Haven't gained a lot of weight, actually took a test said I was under for my height and pre-preg weight...but we'll live with that :)
Eh estado tomando un extracto de hierbas que se llama Gentle Birth que supuestamente me va a ayudar con el nacimiento (mas rapido y menos doloroso). Espero que funcione! Tambien un licuado suplemental que mi madre me dio. No sabe mal, pero tiene un texture rara. No he aumentado de peso mucho, y tome una prueba en el internet y me dijo que estoy bajo peso...pero vivire bien de todos modos!

My mom decided to host a surprise shower for me on the 29th (more pictures on my facebook)
After my prenatal consult with Betsy, we came into the house with guests gathered all around!!! I felt so blessed to have 1. a genius, surprising mom and 2. that these people ACTUALLY took the time to come and join us and celebrate this little person who insists on forever hiccuping and punching my bladder ninja style...
I got tons of goodies, specially diapers (seriously, my grin is h u g e)
Mi madre decidio sorprenderme con un baby shower el 29 de este mes (hay mas fotos en mi facebook).
Despues de mi cita con Betsy, entre a la casa y me encontre entre muchos invitados!!!
Me siento bendecida de tener un mama asombrosa y de que esta gente estuviera aqui celebrando a esta beba. Ella insiste en darme puñaladas de ninja a mi vejiga y tener hipo eterno - ja!
Me regalaron un monton de pañales (en serio, traigo un sonrisa y es enorme)

coming into the surprise!!!!
entrando a la sorpresa!

playing games...
jugando juegos...

picture time

tyler's own edible arrangement!!!
arreglo de frutas para Tyler

moomie and me...
yo y mumi
notice I'm sans make-up because my gorgeous husband kept this little surprise a well-hidden secret for like 2 or so weeks
i would have instantly known something was up if he would have told me to put 'my face on'...
not like I didn't know something was up as soon as he threw the fuchsia shirt at my face and told me to put it on - ha!
Noten que no traigo maquillaje. Hubiera sabido que algo andaba pasando si mi marido me hubiera dicho, "ponte maquillaje" jaja! Aun asi, note algo raro cuando antes de llegar, me avento la blusa a la cara y me dijo "pontelo!"

moomie, dawna, me and caren
mumi, dawna, yo y caren

why are we both hunched over and have stupid grins on our faces?
...sister love
porque nos estamos jorobando y traemos unas sonrisillas estupidas???
...amor de hermanas