Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Erinshire photo shoot

When my family from Dublin came to visit, I thought what better way to make good use of my brand-spankin'-new camera. 

So I took the fam like 3 blocks down our street to this beautiful place called Erinshire
During the winter, when everything's dead, it doesn't look too appealing.

But you can just imagine what it looks like when all the greenery starts to grow!

Here are some pictures of that day

{remember to click on the pictures if you wanna see them full resolution}

I loved this red barn backdrop.
The kids were concerned about the sturdiness of the bench, however.

Too cute!

Where there's water, there's an Andrew

Jonah all smiles!

Dawna, Scrappy & James Ross

My Jonah Bear

A blue kitty joined our shoot, Andrew finally got to pet it.

Andrew and his sticks! 


Dawna always holding her nephew[s]

Andrew 'feeding' a little stone lamb.

James and Scrappy

check out Jonah's face!

James Ross. 
I say we come back to this place and take their Senior pictures - ha!

Mr. Adventurous

He's so photogenic when he wants to be...

Isn't he precious!?!

Dawna and Andrew in the "casita"

Jonah refused to look at the camera, saying that there was something MUCH more interesting on the ground...

Let's not forget Scrappy's million dollar shot.