Thursday, June 5, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Look Alikes

tiny post, guys! just wanted to show off some throwback photos right quick. i actually found this one while trying to organize my photos (they're a mess), and I caught a slight similarity between my little one and myself way back when...(not to mention the similarity between me and dad).
can you see it? 
the head! 
oh my gosh it's freaky right? and i'd say the chin too. remember I posted a while back about this little girl being the spittin' image of her daddy? well, she definitely has my block head and add her daddy's features and voila! you've got Elena. i love that. a perfectly combined little girl. 
one night, i dressed her in a yellow sleeper, for no apparent reason other than it was below 80's and she hardly wore sleepers...
and once i laid her down in her bassinet, i thought, 'holy cow. i've seen this somewhere!'
oh. yeah. here it is. 
aren't throwbacks fun???
I still think she is still her father's mini me, but it's fun to want to find out which features your kids have inherited. and then immediately feel sorry after because you only want the best for them and then they inherit your crooked smile. thank you, universe. 
this weekend we have great plans and I cannot wait to get them started! 
have a great Thursday! 
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