Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Awanas 2014

Well, another year of Awana gone...this time I didn't volunteer all year like I did last year. Why? Because I was exhaustively pregnant and also because I can't handle 17 four-year olds for an hour and half. It is energy draining on an already energy-drained prego lady, let me tell ya. 
But the boys did well throughout the year with all the activities they provide. It was a good year for Andrew. It was his first year in Sparks which meant game time! They do 30 minutes of Awana games which is sort of a chaotic event but at least it wears the kids out before bedtime. This made him feel a little more grown up, independent, and responsible (even though he's not wearing his vest here). 

Awanas provide different activities throughout the year. One of them being a Derby night and Drive-in night. They watched Veggie Tales and were served Capri-suns + popcorn in their little homemade cars. I wish I would have taken progress photos of his racing car because I created it in less than a day with a lot of headaches...hey, for being my first cardboard car I'd say it was pretty sweet! 
Check out those droopy flames on top :) yay mom! And no, he did not win first place. You shoulda seen some of those contraptions though! There are so mighty talented and devoted parents out there...
Andrew also had Pie Night where he could earn points and get a cool whip pie in exchange...he was SO excited about that clown!
I'm gonna get you clown! 
Poor baby boy, the wind was so gusty that day and that cool whip pie didn't stand a chance with his wimpy arm...nonetheless, the boy had a blast! 
One of the things I most enjoyed about this year was that my kid actually memorized verses! His first one he ever memorized will forever be engraved in my heart and maybe even become a tattoo too. Because let's be honest, I need this:
He memorized the whole thing...which is amazing because this kid can't remember jack! He almost managed to memorize John 3:16 which was awesome too. We are so proud of this guy...
During his ceremony, he was pretty upset that he was the last chair in his class. He wanted to sit by his buddies but since he has a W for a last name, that means he will almost always go last. 
This is where we tell him to get used to it, bud. We can't change the system, kid. Is it unfair? Oh yes. 
And Jonah? He had his own ceremony too. This guy was so excited to be in Cubbies. He would wear his vest so proudly, always making sure his patches were visible. Awana also became part of our 'school' this year where every week we would read the story together and say our verse. He learned several truths like God is the Creator, God is truth, and so forth. I loved the way he would remember each one every week.  
This kid is all, yell + scream and thumbs-up + spirit! 
He was so excited about getting his picture with Cubbie. All the Cubbers wait patiently for Cubbie, duh. And this is also his teacher, Rebecca. 
Are your kids in a church program like Awana? Find out if a nearby church has program on their locator here. It is a great resources for kids to learn God's word and have a fun and safe time with other kids!
Have a great week you guys! 

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