Thursday, March 13, 2014

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Hey guys! Oh I've missed my blog. I'm in that newborn phase where you can't accomplish diddly squat all day. If you manage to feed your other kid + yourself, you've won half the battle, in my opinion. 

Anyway, here are the photos from the few days after Elena was born. She was all cheeks, pink, and soft. 

When she came out, the first person I associated her with was her paternal Papa. She was like a miniature Papa. Now, she's a spitting image of her Daddy. You'll see. Just wait for it.

Jonah was so adamant about taking a bath with me and Elena. It was our after-birth herbal bath. And the first thing Jonah said when he saw it was, "Mom, that bathtub looks yucky." After telling him that it was supposed to look brown and that it was good for Mommy and Elena, he was game. He was so happy!
After bath came her examination from my midwife--and look--she's a girl!
And like all newborns, she started turning slightly yellow. So we managed what we could with a plant lightbulb and open windows on a dreary, cloudy day.
This girl was all wrinkles too. Her fingers, her cute and yucky all at once.
She managed to find her index finger to suck on several times...I have the cutest video...somewhere...
...and of course everyone wants to hold baby!
The photo below is my most favorite!
While Gary was away, I was asked by a little boy if he could sleep with me. My heart ached so much for him because I just wanted to cuddle and hold him close to me. I was so floored by his request, I told him to crawl into bed with me quickly. 
Remember how I mentioned this little chick is a spittin' image of her Daddy? well, here's proof:
This is what happens on a 6.5 hr drive back home and an iPhone. :) Igualitos, que no? 

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