Tuesday, May 20, 2014

you're three months now...

hey guys! i haven't done an update on her in a while...so i thought i would dump all the pictures on here and show off my bebe!!! 
but first, Elena says HI! 
these past few weeks i've been feeling a little guilty of really showering her with love. i mean, why wouldn't i? look at that face! ...and you should just see her in real life: bright eyed, full of wonder, super attentive, takes massive poops with such joy, and is definitely not camera shy...
but in reality, i feel my two older boys don't get enough of me simply because one is in school 23 hours a day (thanks, public education) and the other one just prefers his blankie and thumb to any kind of cuddles of mine (you know that's a lie) i don't know, it's just that whole spreading-your-love-all-evenly feeling that all moms get once in a while.
moving on! 
currently, she just turned 3 months and 1 week so some of these photos she may not have been that old (that's how long I haven't posted an update about her). 
when i go out and about, people stop us and ask how old she is. they really can't help but answer "ohh she's three months?? but she's so tiny!" i guess they don't remember that babies are tiny compared to a full grown human. and secondly, have you seen her parents? we are not giants, we are petite. please stop saying our kid is tiny, of course she's going to be tiny! genetics trumps your memory loss + lack of observation. (end rant, (totally justified))
some people give away their surprised reactions when they see her freakishly big eyes or her tiny little head popping out of my Moby Wrap...has no one ever heard or seen baby-wearing? (i'm really touchy today, i can tell)
but I'm not gonna lie...i love it that she gets so much attention. i'm still lucky enough that i get compliments on my well-behaved boys but come on, who can resist commenting on a baby with the cutest headband?
i still say that she looks like her daddy. a total Witty. i'm grateful because he's so darn handsome. 
some things we have tried already are the bumbo, a rattle, rice cereal + tummy time. and just like all of my babies, she can only stand them for so long...ha!
the bumbo is such a novelty...the boys loved it when I pulled it out of storage. they found out their skinny legs still fit and pretended to be babies. p.s. Jonah has marker all over his face. he took our joke of being a kitty cat for a day a little too far.
want a throwback? below is Andrew and Jonah at 3 months in the bumbo...man, it's hard to believe they were that little!
why do people ask if she's sleeping through the night? the answer, thankfully, is yes. but really, she's an infant and wakes up at least twice a night to nurse. she takes multiple cat-naps throughout the day and she looks oh-so adorable...
and you know who can put her to sleep the fastest without inserting a nipple into her mouth? 
her daddy of course. she fits quite perfectly into the nook of his arm.
do you guys remember when i thought i had a ninja inside the womb? well, she reaffirms my prediction constantly. her hands and feet are in endless motion, often appearing blurry in my phone pictures. when i set her down on the floor, she ends up not where i left her...and that is unbelievable to me right now. 
i hear her little feet constantly brush the sides of her bassinet, content as can be. and you know what? i am so thankful for her. i give thanks like 286,492 times a day for her - seriously. i couldn't have asked for a better baby.
but the only faultiness this child has, is her inability to go to another persons arms and not cry hysterically...not even her own Moomie could carry her and that's alarming because every baby loves Moomie. 
below is Papa, and she doesn't like him too much either. i keep telling her she needs to because he's the one you don't have to sweet-talk much to wrap around your finger *wink wink*
the best part about this girl? she makes my selfies look so much better. 

have you guys heard that song? you must. it's ridiculous.
have a great week, guys!!!!
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