Tuesday, May 27, 2014

30 sucks, guys...

uh! finally the photos of my weekend bash at Galveston, TX! i have to say, that hauling an entire gang in a van and a car sure made it for a jam-packed weekend...kids were involved so we didn't get too wild. 
the night before my birthday, my sister finally came in all the way from ft. worth with her little family and coaxed my other sister to build me a surprise balloon door. it was hysterical for my 5 year old who always wants to be the first one up. 
and all weekend long, we were kicking and shooing balloons out of our way. balloons. balloons for days!
SURPRISE! i'm 30. 
we took it easy that day. we played card games, swam, went to the beach, etc. then, i was promptly shooed out of the room so that they could get ready for my birthday bash out on the beach. even though i had no idea what was happening because they kept it a pretty good secret. all i knew was that we were going to the beach, tan-tan. well, and that maybe i would have some ceviche that day because mom packed some fish :) well, and that i was also going to be having a good time with all that booze my lovely sister brought. did i have a good time that day? YES. I. DID. 
so hubby took me to see some sights in downtown Galveston (so lovely, by the way), and also only taking this photo at Murdoch's...whoever took our photo is completely fired by the way... i really can't believe i didn't take that many pictures--i find it hard to take photos of both of us together.
on our way back, i think everyone started to worry about the weather. the one day that was my birthday, it had to storm...and it was pretty violent. but i guess we were all hoping it was gonna be a small storm? because they went ahead and set it up anyway.
my husband spent i don't know how long carving my name on the beach while my sister furiously got to work on my little 'soiree'. 
these photos were taken before it started to pour on them...everyone suffered that evening. it all looked perfect...it would have been perfect had it not been for the weather! but that poor little tent didn't make it but a few fierce gusts of wind...when i came down from the walkway to see the beautiful setup, everyone was trying to hold down that poor tent. i still can't figure out how the heck she managed to fit her generator in her trunk. ha!
so, we had no choice but to move the party under some cover beside the pool during the storm because i was not about to give up on my shindig...no way. we did the best we could with what we salvaged from the storm and everyone who setup/tore down was huffin' and puffin'...do you know how hard it is to carry all that half a mile in the sand? ask my husband. yeeeah, it was not fun. 
and poor babies...they were good sports but were so tired. i can't believe i didn't get a pic with all four grandkids. so we busted out a mini-boom box and some tunes and pretended we were on the beach. 
 welcome to my beach chair throne
we had everything for my hawaiian luau except for the pig (we had ceviche instead, remember?) and the fire-dancing entertainment...although we did dance. 
we had these tiny little 30 candles, which Jonah thought were chocolate lollipops and then chew into one. oh how i wish i had a picture of him eating it. hilarious. 
and then it was time to cut the cake. and for my husband to smash it on my face. i'm 30 and i'm still getting cake in mah' face! oy! 
so there it is guys...my awesomely failed birthday bash! it was fun regardless. i had my family. i had my drinks. i had my cake. that's all i need. all i'm missing now is that tattoo...hmm. 
i am now 30 years old. and everyone knows it. including the people at the resort thanks to Jonah. he made sure to tell every-one that it was his mommy's birthday and she was three-zero years old. 
thanks jojo. 
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