Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pop Show re-cap and My Birthday

This past weekend we were at Silver Street Studios in Downtown Houston for Pop Shop Houston. It was a pretty amazing experience, to say the least!I met so many other makers, purchased & bartered some goodies and had a pretty kickin' experience with Elena. She was a great selling tool, drawing in all sorts of customers. 
We also found out what people really like and what we don't need to worry about making anymore... which in my opinion it is such valuable information if we want to expand Shop Witty!
We were told by several people that our display rocked, and that made me so relieved since I had felt our West Elm set up was less showy and lame (although still having great sales). 
You see? Everyone loved her and she loved everyone!
We kept her carseat under the table...she didn't know any better :)
Top to bottom, L to R: cute free crafts I made, our new product (will be on etsy soon-ish), Whovian geek alert goodies, and beautiful hand-painted paper that I hope to collaborate with the girl who makes it (her style is amazing!)
Anyways, my birthday is in two days. I will be 30. I hope to accomplish the things I mentioned in my blog post a year ago, but if not, it's cool. I mean life is life and it long as I get a great margarita, eat some cake and spend it with my family, I WILL BE HAPPY. Not about being 30, good gracious no, but that I had a great time. Anndddd I'm still wanting that tattoo. Don't get me wrong about that. 

IT. WILL. HAPPEN. someday. 

Happy Hump Day (and happy birthday to my young (ish) sister, te quiero mucho werita)

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