Monday, May 6, 2013

It's {almost} my birthday

And although I don't specifically always get what I want, haha, who am I kidding? I never get what I really want...I've been thinking about my next birthday which happens to be the big 3-0.
Holy peanut butter balls. 30. It's kinda silly to be thinking about my next birthday instead of the one that's next week. But I like to plan ahead.
So deep in thought about my next birthday I wholeheartedly decided what I am going to get and no one is gonna stop me--well, maybe my indecisiveness--but regardless. I might just overlook this birthday, but I have huge plans for the next one. So here's my list of two things:
1. A tattoo
It doesn't have to have a meaning, or some kind of symbol, like your kids birth stone {seriously, who uses that?} I just want something that's pretty to look at. A really neat piece of art. Now, if I can only decide what to get!
This one happens to be one of my favorite ones...just doodles, lines, and designs.
And I definitely want it on my arm though. I can't believe I've gone all my life adoring other people's tattoos while I've been too chicken to decide on one for myself. My husband even has two!
Here's my Pinterest Board of the tats I've collected for the past 2 years with acceptable {read: cool} tattoos:
SO, any thoughts? Any ideas? I know some people might disagree with tattoos or look down upon them, so can I just say that I've lasted this long without one, and is it now ok to get one in my almost-middle-age as a wife and mother of two? I promise nothing tacky, Mom ;)

2. And a birthday bash!
Full of DIY screen printing crafts with skulls of course,

Funny old-people jokes,

Lots of Balloons and delicious coctel de camarones
Margaritas and lounging----yuummm
And my frickin' face on my cake
...but first, I need to gather some real friends, not just internet friends, who will come to my bash.

I think though, we have plans to go to Picasso's Black and White and the Children's Museum so, that'll be fun. Cheers! 

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