Monday, October 7, 2013

Boys Dresser Re-do

I've had this dresser post in the works for weeks....and I just can't seem to catch up on all my DIY projects on here. So I'm finally taking the time to put it together so you guys can see one of the two major dresser re-do's we did this summer between Gary and I.
First up, the boys laminate dresser. This thing was a hand-me-down from my mom after my brother used it.
It's been so helpful {especially to me} not only because it keeps all the boys clothes organized {duh}, but it's also perfect because the boys love getting their own clothes from the bottom three drawers.
We keep chones and pajamas in the middle drawer, shirts in the fourth, and shorts in the last drawer. And I rotate the pants and the shorts drawers according to the seasons...and I guess the top drawer will be for baby #3? We will see as soon as I start nesting.
Both boys' clothes are combined since we do a pretty good job memorizing who's clothing belongs to whom {not to mention they're pretty close in size anyway}.
But look at the hideousness of this thing! As with all laminate, you have to sacrifice look for practicality or pay a good two weeks paycheck on just the perfect one. I am a major skimp-o so yeah, no, I am not spending big bucks on the perfect one. So I did some research on how to paint laminate furniture on good ol' pinterest and it recommended heavy duty primer, light sanding, and your choice of paint. Let's get to it! Check out this detailed tutorial on how to do it and material list. 
Your choice of paint is such a hard choice guys. I am no interior decorator, so I did what I though would look best. I decided on a two-tone dresser. Don't ask me why. I thought it would look pretty sweet.
Enter blue and grey hues. Ugh, but it was so much work! I was so happy when we were done.
Of course I was thrilled when we set it up. It was instant love. The boys didn't care. They didn't say anything about it. Which is typical I guess in a male-dominated household. All that matters is who it makes happy, and that's this girl, the queen of the hive. 
I placed hubby's most cherished football and our bingo game {because little hands can't reach up there} and hung my free You are my Greatest Adventure downloadable printable up top. 
If choosing paint was a hard task, choosing hardware was even harder. I couldn't decide, and rather than mull over it {or have internal brain battles} some 30 hours, I was surprised how the original stuff didn't look too bad. Of course if you don't agree, I'm open to suggestions. 
The dresser is on the left side of the room beside the closet. And let me say that this room is never this clean--so, you're welcome. 
Have a great Monday, everyone!! 
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