Tuesday, October 1, 2013

so much alone time {and a lot of pictures}

jonah's character has changed since big brother started school. i wouldn't say it has changed in a bad way, though. just heightened maybe? i don't know. but this little boy is going through some phases and i'm wondering just what the heck he needs.
>> once he has mentioned that we need to pick up Andrew. at 9 am. surely he misses him. and when big brother comes home, he will not leave Andrew's side.
>> many times he's given up on a simple activity. thrown a fit and thrown things on the floor in a rage.
>> his interest in doing 'school' is amazing and i'm kicking myself in the butt for not having a pre-school curriculum ready for him each morning. i scrounge around for books and educational videos on the computer. do a lot of drawing monsters and crafting.
>> i also need to find a group with other kids or something where he can exercise but i simply have no idea where to search for that...
>> we try to do things together by ourselves--mommy & jonah. Some days it is a treat, an errand, or simply sit together on the couch and read a book.
>> he has taken his blanket-love and thumb sucking to the next level--maybe he's trying to cope?
>> his respectfulness has gone out the window. often hitting, disobeying, talking back, etc. how can i discipline you when i can't tell whether you need more love or just a good spanking?!
regardless, i find his tenderness untouched. he still needs me and says so. he still watches out for my growing belly and talks about his baby sister. when he wants something, he always says peeeease in the cutest way.
oh jonah baby....it's hard being a mommy dude. but i bet it's harder being a three year old.
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so, my little thumbsucker, i am struggling as your mommy right now. your world keeps changing. and in february it will change even more. and it's not your fault. we will just have to do our best together. 
i love you, silly monster.
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