Saturday, October 5, 2013

grunter: my nephew

about a month and a few days ago, i took lots of pictures of my only nephew, Leo. this was my first time ever to attempt a photoshoot with a 'newborn'. i knew it'd be difficult....and yep, the process confirmed by fears. Doing a newborn photo shoot is hard!!! 
i don't have the proper lens and my lighting conditions were less than perfect. when i tried doing various shoots without my dslr with my boys, things were even harder, so i'd like to think i've come a little ways in putting my foot in through that door. but don't get me wrong, i am such a noob!
but Leo, i hope these photos are displayed as a symbol of joyful hardships and that your mommy and daddy cherish these simple photos throughout the years. 
by now, he's put on a few more pounds and he looks totally different. 
the photos below were taken outside close to the sun setting on the horizon. 
and one photo of the mandatory sink bath! 
i hope i get to see him again soon. but for now, phone pics & skype will have to do...
oh how i wish texas wasn't so big!
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