Friday, October 25, 2013

shop news

hi guys! this is an unplanned post.
as of now, i am feeling very proud + anxious + nervous because tomorrow will be our first craft show for our etsy store, ShopWitty, here around town.
we have been working our butts off for the past 3 weeks trying to get something real going. trying to figure out if this is the path that He is leading us down.
many times I have blogged about feeling lost in my life, not knowing which way to turn 'career'-wise and I feel in my bones this is something I can be proud of. I haven't felt lost in all this time we've been producing our humble little notebooks.
in fact, Gary asked me if I enjoyed doing it super late last night...the truth is, I love doing it. I love the feeling of our paper. I love saddle stitching each one of our notebooks by hand, and picking out the cover. I love thinking about the possibilities of what could be for our paper. I love having something artsy in common with my husband. but most of all, I love when I hear that ding on my phone signifying I actually sold something.
honestly, I am very nervous about tomorrow. so will you do something for me? will you please pray for us tomorrow? because we really gotta start making some of this money back!
even if our event tomorrow is a flop, I know I will be a little disappointed but I've made up my mind that we are not going to stop there...
I will face this with all the cojones I've got and let God continue blessing our hands to create these cute little notebooks. 
i know to most it is silly to 'spread' the word about some handmade paper notebooks, but you would be ever so helpful if you took 2 minutes and did me this gigantic favor. 
so, TWO things:

1. pray it goes well for our tiny business tomorrow at our craft show, and
2. pin, share, tweet, link, whatever you wanna do, to our etsy store, Shop Witty

I would be forever grateful and would be happy to return the favor if you have your own little handmade shop :)
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