Thursday, October 17, 2013

pancake cookies

I don't know what hit me on the head one morning, but I decided to make the boys some pancakes for breakfast. On a school day. Yes, I am crazy. I took a few shots that morning {with my camera, not my rum}. But as always, lighting at 7am in a dark kitchen the results came out less than pleasant. 
I kinda burnt a couple of them because I had no idea what I was doing.
But that same weekend, "pancake cookies" were requested again. And I obliged because I knew I could do better the second time around.
I made sure to spray the cutters with cooking oil so the pancake mix wouldn't stick and voila! Perfectly shaped and decorated "pancake cookies"....
....and they enjoyed them with some cartoons! It was the weekend after all. PS. Just FYI, we do not own a dining table. For some reason, we keep getting housing with no space for a table! One day my children will know what it is to set a proper table.

This definitely beat my insanely time-consuming empanadas I made this week. eeeehhhkdkda;lkgj I'll never do those again. Have a great week, you guys!
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