Tuesday, September 24, 2013

weekly snapshots

it's been a blessed week. very blessed. super blessed.
torrential rains. flood warnings. muddy football games. family. travels. art stores. great food. and best of all? baby.
we had our one and only sonogram in downtown houston to maybe find out the gender. yes, this baby. this baby that i already love so much and it is only about 11 ounces big. whose kicks and sputters i feel with such love. this baby who generates such hunger pains which i hate giving into. this baby that makes me realize i just went through one roll of toilet paper all by myself today. this baby that i know will make our family feel complete and whole. the one we're all waiting to welcome in 2014 with our open arms.
ugh. i try so hard to put into words the love i am feeling, and i fail so miserably. will it be enough to just say i am in love with my little family? yes? ok then. i am in love with my little family. 
the boys have taken such a liking to each other...always including and beating up one another. it fills my heart with such joy. it's even better when daddy is home to get in on the action.
and to celebrate widow-hood on friday nights, we ordered a pizza with a chi-chi on it + put on Kung Fu Panda II + i won Mom-of-the-Night award by building them an amazing fort in the living room.
the whole week was filled with beautiful grey skies above, monkeys who loved using the umbrellas at the sight of at least one raindrop, and cooler weather.
the weekend was also blessed because my in-laws came down and told us all about their amazing cruise in Alaska....ALASKA! their pictures i am sure didn't do the scenery any real justice. and they visited santa's house up there...lucky. the weekend was also for Chance's saturday football game and for the boys to get muddy and to also give me a bad hair day....
one of the boys had fun getting muddy. and racing back and forth on the sidelines saying he is super fast.
this boy is all boy. 
the boys spent saturday night with their cousins. the next morning we found them by the pool meditating for inner peace with their super hero chones...thanks Kung Fu Panda II. 
and you know what else? i can't carry my camera around anymore because it keeps digging into the belly. and it is very uncomfortable. so i handed the camera off, because how come I never get my picture taken? 
this is why. 
hope your week feels as blessed as mine! i am also thankful for no wednesday night activities this week (no awana's) because my class this year is made up of almost 20 wild animals....errr...loving kids. 
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