Monday, September 2, 2013

cousins + pizza + kitties

this past week, i had the most tiresome pleasure of babysitting my nephews for a whole week. that's right. i am the babysitter. they love to play with my boys, even though they're a bit older, but most of all they love our Xbox360! It was kinda crazy having 4 boys all at once...what wore me out the most was basically trying to keep them entertained.
I had lunches planned out and one of those days was "make your own pizza" lunch. the boys loved it.
I got the recipe from HERE and it is super easy, just my style ;) now, since we live in a tiny duplex, i made just enough room for all four boys around the bar area and some counter space. we managed and we were messy! i thank heavens for Gary being there to help with the littlest one because without him, i would not have been able to take these pictures! 
i gave each boy a piece of the dough {i doubled the recipe and it was far more than enough}, put pizza sauce, cheese & pepperoni {our favorite topping} in a bowl and let the boys go at it! 
after each kid finished, i snapped a picture of them with their very own pizza
the picture below doesn't even need an explanation. but just in case, yeah, it is Jonah. 
I also made a pizza of my own......what, Momma doesn't get to eat? I don't think so....
 turns out, every pizza was too big for our appetite so I just left them to be 'available' on the bar for the kids
and Bryce, man, he loves to torture my cats! as soon as Prim, the sphinx, hears them coming in, she jets to her numerous hiding places and comes out -- maybe -- once to eat. but Rue, the fat one, she loves the attention no matter who it is from. you can always find this little boy trying to play with kitties.
and when Chance would get chilly, he would wrap Jonah around him just so that he could use his Spiderman really is cozy, you should get one. 
man i was glad this babysitting 4 boys gig was only one week long...boys love their cousins, and that's alright with me. happy labor day! 
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