Saturday, September 7, 2013

new season: football {a craft}

you guys, i've become a widow. and it's all because football season is here. husband being a coach, requires him long days on those practice and game fields with a whole buncha testosterone filled bodies and no time for Lynet-lovin'.
my saturdays are now filled with college football {go Aggies--whoop} and i'm ok with that {at least, until Christmas} anything past that, is just a plea to make it all stop. and i miss him. but you know what? he likes doing that stuff. so i won't act a fool and just let him do his own thing. i know he will come back to me, someday.
meanwhile, tis the season to start decorating the house with football, fall, and {squeal} halloween themes!
I wanted this garland to support husband and also be fun for the kids, but i made the mistake of doing this almost at the end of the day where little boys were just wanting to watch their tv show and be goofy.
so I ended up doing most of the craft...but still. I like the way it looks and only cringe a little bit seeing their footballs don't match mine perfectly {don't judge, it's the artist in me}.
so there you have it, now i just need to start making some lil' smokies + some chili with jalapeƱos + chug that cold beer....errr. wait. not fair. #pregnant
i am still a little let down by this weather, wishing it was a bit cooler, but i'm so used to it. this is Texas after all. it doesn't get cold until january, really...i tried wearing a hipster scarf the other day and was just a big no-no in this humid weather {felt like someone was chocking me and that is my least favorite thing}. how much am i willing to sacrifice comfort for style? obviously not that much. 
happy weekend guys! get your football on! 
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