Wednesday, September 4, 2013

he's finally in Kindergarten

So, the day arrived....*sigh* and you know what? I was so fine with it.
The excitement of our Meet the Teacher night was looong awaited. The first day of school was an even longer wait. This little dude really wanted to go to school. The week before, I made it a habit to get up earlier than our usual so he could get used to a new schedule. He would wake up so sleepily excited because he thought that day was the day. I had to break his little heart and tell him "not yet, # more days!"
The day before, he made sure to get his backpack ready. His homeschooling notebook. His new Skylanders pencil case. And his lunch bag. There was no stopping this kid. Seeing as to how I have become an expert at this, I have been talking about these things for at least a month, I've made a list of how to prepare your kid for Kindergarten....
My tips on how can you have an excellent first day of school for your Kindergarten-er:
  1. homeschool him first so that you drive him up the wall and want nothing to do with you anymore and choose public school instead {note that this is not a guaranteed emotional response}
  2. keep a countdown {like a calendar} visible to him indicating when school will start
  3. start getting up early a week before school starts to get used to a routine
  4. remind him of manners and to respect his peers + teachers
  5. prepare him to wipe his own butt in the bathroom {teacher won't be there for you, son} + wash his hands
  6. let him gather his school supplies and get prepared for the big day
  7. the night before, let him choose his own clothes + shoes for the big day
  8. also, let him choose what he would like for lunch + have him help pack it
  9. make a cutesy sign indicating what grade they're entering + take a picture  
  10. and last, don't linger or hover over him when you drop him off in class...don't be that mom. it will all be ok. 
I can remember how confusing and exciting coming into a new classroom is. Not really knowing what to do or where to begin. His teacher, Mrs. Smyth, is the dual language teacher, meaning that she will be teaching him only in Spanish. Right away, she began giving him instructions in Spanish. And you know what? He didn't get angry as he does with me because he didn't understand. I think it will be a good change for someone else to teach him and me, being able to reinforce the language at home.
That afternoon, he crashed hard on the sofa. This schedule will be something to get used to for sure. 

This post expresses my opinions & experiences only. This post is meant to be partly humorous, do not take it too seriously. After all, I'm just a non-perfect mom trying to do the best she can :)

I wish you a glorious hump day!
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