Saturday, June 1, 2013

kids in Awana

My kids were in a program called Awana at our local church. I was a volunteer for the 3 year olds, the Cubbies. When I began this 'adventure' I wasn't sure what to expect as a leader. It wasn't a new program to me. I was involved in it when I was in jr. high and my little siblings & mother have been a part of it since forever. I sorta signed up  to be a leader without any hesitation and then I freaked out a bit because of what I had just done.
What was it going to be like with 12 three-year olds? Why did I want to teach Cubbies? Why on earth would I want to be around more toddlers when I just hung out with 2 of them all day? Why indeed.  
Sometimes I think I do things on impulse because I believe I am adventurous and maybe a bit naive / optimistic. 
Why not volunteer to be a leader for Cubbies? Or was it because He placed me there to minister to these kids? I like to think He blessed me with that type of personality, therefore choosing to volunteer and minister. without really thinking about it. *happy face* 
What I didn't really anticipate was the weekly feeling of not wanting to attend Awana. But this is normal for me. The not wantin' to. Only to think oh it's not soo bad after all {just like a daily workout...I loathe the getting ready and the gettin' to it feeling, but during the process? I love it}. Also, I didn't anticipate the chaos of 12 three-year olds while trying to about a mental and verbal workout! This is me and half my class below:Anyway, for my first year, it was not bad at all. I actually thought those crazy kids were quite wonderful. I had great leaders who were always cheery and they accepted my crazy hair without a second thought. I got told I looked like a mermaid because of it from a Cubbie, so that was awesome. She didn't get the reference that now all I needed were purple colored sea shells {on my hoo-ha's {omitted}} to complete my outfit though {and then busted out singing A Part of Your World} and then she looked at me with crazy eyes, the child was lost, so I decided to quit while I was ahead... 
And the leaders always offered free gummy bears to anyone who asked. So it was a win. They had bi-weekly events which always kept all of us busy like Derby day full of race tracks and popcorn and Cubbie.
At the end of Awana year, they present kids a ceremony with awards. It was the cutest thing ever. Jonah's class was the Puggles, and they sang two songs with his teacher Marlene. 
And Andrew received the year one award while most others received the year two award.  
His face showed how happy he was, too. "where is the rest of my award!?"
But, he was alright afterwards when Cubbie bear came out and posed for a picture.
After cookies and punch, we started to head out and the boys always get obsessed by the fountain all the other kids. 
So we let them run around, having a great time...and then....
He fell in.
A wonderful end to the year with laughs and a naked ride home.
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PS. My wonderful husband who usually stinks at photography captured most moments in this post.
Thanks babe.