Sunday, June 23, 2013

toddler outfits

Well, we had another wedding this year...this time, the hubs' side of the family {The one on my side of the family was in March and can be found here}  I was told it was supposed to be some fancy ordeal. And it was. Oh my, it was fancy! Immediately I began thinking about the boys' outfits. I had to make them obviously. Me being the DIY-er, I was determined my kids were gonna be the coolest kids ever and they were {in my opinion anyway}!!
So I put their outfits together in my head and searched their closet for their hand-me-down dress pants, and got to work. I managed to make their pants fit them better. They didn't exactly fit right so I did my best and I was pleased with the results, making their pants seem somewhat 'skinny'. I didn't snap any pictures of this process because I was focusing solely on the tailoring job. And on a personal note, I beg my husband on a constant level to switch to skinny pants so I can admire his butt more... I think I commit some kind of sin when I see other guys wearing them...but the hubs STILL WON'T WEAR THEM! I guess it's like when he prefers my skimpy underwear and all I want to be is comfortable. Alright, I get it.
Anyway, on to sewing boy stuff. Vests were next! I combed the racks of a thrift store and managed to find one that fit perfectly for my eldest--it was even the perfect color!
I somewhat used it as a template for the youngests' vest that I had to make from scratch.I gotta tell ya, it was pretty fun. Much more fun than those dang pants. Pants are hard, guys! I sorta used this tutorial online as a guide for the vest and side note again, i love the internet because it tells me exactly what to do. Perfect example, I present the
Add the cutest anchor buttons {cliché, I know} and he would be showing up all those grown gentlemen at the wedding
You guys, I love the internet. And my sewing machine. But most of all, those boys. I would do anything for them. I just wish I had the willingness to make more clothing for them like Dana from Made. I choose to be optimistic and say, it's better than nothing. Hopefully they will remember their cute little vest and ties that I made them just like I remember that knitted vest with bunnies my mom made me and still treasure memories of. 
Next up, toddler ties! These were so fun--picking out the coordinating fabrics and seeing these itty bitty ties transform right before my eyes.
Once again, I looked to the internet for information on how to build them and found my templates here and here. I wanted a true tie. Not a velcro or 'cheating' one and there were plenty of those... ;) And again, I was pleased with the results. Luckily, I have a husband who knows how to tie one.
For Andrew, I picked out a green/blue/charcoal colored fabric to match up with his Forest Green Converse. 
And when the time came to get dapper'ed up, he threw a fit. Don't ask why...but I love these pictures

And for Jonah, the youngest, I picked a fabric that coordinated with the blue in his shoes. 
The lines on the tie are actually a steel blue color, not black as it shows in the picture...and the light blue would light up his eyes, I just knew it.
I backed the ties with fabric I have had for an eternity...I love how they turned out! 
I only wish I had noticed how much Andrew's vest covered up his tie...still, they were so handsome! 
The boys acted appropriately during the ceremony, except for Andrew blurting out chicken butt!! to my husband which was just a bit too loud for the front row to turn around and sorta giggle...but kids will be kids.  Everyone told us what good little boys we have. And I'm very proud of that. 
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