Friday, March 29, 2013

weekly wrap-up

Had to leave our kitties alone for 3 days to go to a cousin's wedding
 Andrew's been drawing and drawing like a mad-man inventing stories and 'writing' them down
 Our garden is growing {we purchased a garden raised bed kit at our local hardware store}
 My sister is about 18 wks pregnant, and she loves Hydrangeas--so I got her one to commemorate her first pregnancy.
 Our annual Easter egg hunt in the dark was a total success {the groom's family/friends joined in too!}
 Confetti in our hair, on the floor, and even our underwear. Someone said it looked like they made out with the Easter Bunny! 
 Wedding was a blast! I wore 5 in heels for the first time and OUCH. 
 Our trip was a little long -- a total of 7 hours each way -- thankfully we split it up a bit. 
 During our lunch, Jonah is such a cheery little guy. We luv him.
 Blowing Bubbles outside :)
 This little guy was fierce! Our kitty has taken on lizard hunts and this one got away from her inside our house! His tail was torn off poor guy, but we caught it two days later and released it outside.

Have a great weekend! 

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